Work & Travel Programs


The World is in the Palm of Your Hands!

If you are an ‘out-of-the-box’ person seeking career growth and a broader cultural understanding, our Work & Travel program will connect you with a unique work experience in Modern Asia, Europe and America.

Where do we recruit to?

We are surrounded by English, Spanish and French-speaking countries in the Caribbean. Jamaica is the largest English speaking country in the Caribbean with easy access to the United States and Canada. We recruit workers not just to the United States and Canada but to the rest of the Caribbean and South and Central America.   Also, we recruit teachers to Asia and Europe to teach English as a Foreign language.

Why you should consider joining our team?

We recruit and train workers in City & Guilds certificates (Customer Service) and in house employability training. The training is designed for persons who are looking for opportunities to be on the cutting edge and wanting to show employers that they can do the job and employers can depend on them to keep, maintain and advance in their employment. The employability training emphasize the personal skills, qualities and attitudes required by employers across a wide range of disciplines in over one hundred countries.

BIW Consultants seeks to provide this training for all persons including university graduates and other professionals from Jamaica and other countries where we recruit from. All candidates, regardless of which country they desire to travel/work, are required to undergo this training before travelling overseas.

BIW Consultants seeks to represent high quality candidates who are able to contribute significantly to the development and sustainability of the socio-economic systems of their country in order to facilitate smoother transition from Jamaica to the foreign country’s way of life.

We source and supply workers in Hospitality, Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing and Food Processing, Healthcare, Education and much more. We conduct criminal, medical, skills,qualification and employment background checks and all candidates undergo a face to face interview in English and basic personality profiling and screening.

At BIW Consultants, we are committed to ensuring that you achieve success – for your part you are required to continue embracing those qualities and attributes that will allow you to attain job security. In light of this please note the following important information:

(To be fully registered you must pay registration fee $3,500 and submit application form along with five passport size pictures, copies of qualifications)


So why should you be content with your comfort zone? Step outside the box and take the challenge today!   Gain your competitive edge now!

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