The testimonials of our clients are below:

“I enjoyed working with Gabrielle at Daniel school. She loved working with the students. When they hurt, she cried…when they succeeded, she beamed. After working with her for more than eight months, I found her to be an exemplary teacher who I am proud to recommend to job. “

-Sharon Chung – EFL Teacher, Taiwan


“BIW Consultants train teachers to create structured programs for their classes but add a bit of creativity and variety to it. No student is ever bored in class. They present every lesson in a professional and learner-oriented manner. ”

-Maria Valeria Giacaglia – EFL Teacher, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan


“Teacher Venice taught me English lessons for over a year in San Yu English School. In every class, she would inspire us with the question: What is the purpose of your life? She took the time to find out about our personal lives. She not only taught, but she cared about every student. Now, five years later, I still remember the Grammar and Phonics that was taught by Teacher Venice. She is an excellent teacher who is highly recommended by me.”

– Jasmine Chou – Businesswoman, Taiwan


“BIW teachers are friendly and interesting. They welcome any question you have, you will enjoy the class. They like to invite people to do activities to get to know you. They are energetic and lively!”

– Amanda Lin – Former student, Taiwan


“Mrs. Irving inspired us to teach overseas when she told us of her experience teaching in Taiwan. After hearing her stories, we decided to take a chance and accept a position in Honduras. Since then we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach in Hong Kong and Spain. We recommend BIW Consultants as a great resource to get your TEFL career started.”

– Dawnelle and Darcia Clarke – EFL Teachers, Spain


“I got to know Venice as a colleague at San Yu English School and fellow church member. Over the years she’s greatly impressed me with her resourcefulness, wisdom and genuine desire to help others. These are traits that I know will shine through in all of her business ventures.”

– Christelle Agboka – Editor, Canada


“Imaginative, confident, intelligent, proactive, resilient, thoughtful are words that underscore Mrs. Irving’s entrepreneurial competences. Venice’s ability to remain calm in difficult situations, her tactfulness, her cultural sensitivity, I believe, will lend her much success in her business endeavors.”

– Dionne Robinson, author at walkinfaithbooks.com





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